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Below are the Bloomberg TV Japan on-air sacking articles that were listed on my KKXG BLOG. On February 4, 2009 at 08:00am JT, Bloomberg TV Japan stopped all of their live television news programming and presented only recorded news material from earlier that morning---throughout the day. However, the Japanese Stock Market (The Nikkei) was opened with business as usual. Nevertheless, there was no live business news on Bloomberg TV Japan. This debacle lasted for three (3) full days (not including the weekend). On February 9, 2009, Bloomberg TV Japan's live news resumed, but it only trickled back with some of their on-air talent roster returning. As February 14, 2009 (Valentine's Day), Bloomberg TV Japan did not return to their complete live, real-time broadcasting like it was in their past. It became a junior version of itself. Below is the reporting I am providing day-to-day---some parts are hour to hou---from present time at the top to what were "my final thoughts" on February 13, 2009 on the bottom.

If you would like to email comments and information concerning this ***major event*** of an AMERICAN company (aka: Bloomberg), that was overlooked by the "free press media", please use the email address below. THANK YOU!!


米国: 吉川淳子16日.
東京: 吉川淳子16日.
米国: 吉川淳子15日.
東京: 吉川淳子15日.
東京: 吉川淳子14日.
米国: 吉川淳子09日.
東京: 吉川淳子09日.
米国: 吉川淳子08日.
東京: 吉川淳子08日.
米国: 吉川淳子07日.
東京: 吉川淳子07日.

September 30, 2010 08:08 JST (08時08分)
Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子)!!! Are Betty Liu and I the only two that know the true value of this woman outside of Japan? Billions! In USD.
The first uploaded segment on September 21, 2010 of Bloomberg Japan's Kikkawa Junko focusing on The Tokyo markets. The segment is featured
during her BS Fuji's Prime News broadcast. Albiet she has done the segment for about a year, this was the very first .asf file to make it to
Bloomberg's server. Pay close attention and the special magic will appear.
  • 東京-吉川淳子2010年09月21日.
    (Source: Bloomberg, and provided by Bloomberg Japan).

    August 20, 2010 08:08 JST (08時08分)
    During the Obon holidays for the week of August 13, 2010 JST, Junko Kikkawa adored three (3) of the most brilliant, fine-quality Yukata.
    To see these rare treats, click the dates below and assosicate media player with .asf files in your browser.
    P.S.: I find to be at her absolute best when she wears a
    red obi belt.
  • 吉川淳子2010年08月13日.
  • 吉川淳子2010年08月12日.
  • 吉川淳子2010年08月11日.
    (Source: Bloomberg, and provided by Bloomberg Japan).

    May 22, 2010 08:08 JST (08時08分)
    You'll never get an opportunity to see Kikkawa Junko, one of the most intelligent women in Japan, appear as she did on May 20, 2010;
    therefore, enjoy the treat...kids. Click the following link to watch her full broadcast (from TBS' Business Click) here: 吉川淳子2010年05月20日.

    (Source: Bloomberg, and provided by Bloomberg Japan).

    May 07, 2010 08:08 JST (08時08分) (Amended from April 23, 2010 (08時08分) and March 23, 2010 08:08 JST (08時08分)
    Bloomberg Japan appears to be on-the-air again, but only just.....and internal to Japan only. There are broadcasts, interviews, and video podcasts as if Bloomberg Japan were still on the air using the current Bloomberg graffics. SHADO CONTROL has linked Kikkawa Junko's video broadcast used during TBS' "Business Click", courtesy of Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg L.P. They are located on the upper left-hand column under "Bloomberg" and below the Japan link. You can see her again HERE on April 23, 2010: 吉川淳子2010年04月23日JST.! She survived!! Another correct call. Additionally---and this is very important---the woman actually went to work on Shouwa Day (昭和の日) April 29, 2010, a national holiday where a tremendous amount of Japanese nationals take the day off. See her here: 吉川淳子2010年04月29日JST---This was Kikkawa Junko's one (1) year anniversary when Bloomberg Television Japan went dark.

    And see her here exactly three (3) hours before the Dow collapsed -998.50 points at 14:46 EDT on May 06, 2010: 赤い吉川淳子2010年5月06日. Sure hope our KKXG book (with Kikkawa Junko in it) gets the major advance it deserves. Please note, I refer to the woman with her surname first. Stay tuned!


    "It's the greatest story never told, you'll never know what happened there.....(but) it's important there with that one." -- Jim Cramer.

    August 03, 2009 22:38 JST (22時38分)
    Pino Airlines

    BLOOMBERG TELEVISION JAPAN - On The Air, Off The Air? That is the Question
    TOKYO, JAPAN: On July 13, 2009, Japanese national financial guests started to mysteriously appear on Bloomberg.co.jp. These were the same financial guests that were present for many years when Bloomberg Japan was a 24/7 broadcast. When I emailed a strong source on the inside for more information about it, the guests mysteriously stopped showing up on Bloomberg.co.jp. It may be safe to say, that Bloomberg Television Japan, in its native Japanese language, is back on.....but I need just a bit more verification. On Bloomberg.com, there is an offer, in a .pdf format, to receive "Bloomberg Television Japan" for 100,000 yen for one month. That's over $1000.00 USD, and twelve months would be $12,000.00. Not even a "cash for clunkers" could pay for that, however, the 2009 copyright shows an image before Bloomberg crashed the party and shutdown all the foreign broadcasts, except Brazil. If Bloomberg Television Japan is back on in its native Japanese language, we want it back. This blog fights for their return, an accessible return.

    A new photo of Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) (left) has surfaced on The Internet from July 12, 2007 at 09:46 JST which has been filed into SHADO CONTROL's archives. New "classic" Bloomberg Television Japan photos from their broadcasts many months and years ago are popping up all over the net. SHADO CONTROL is monitoring them all. Kikkawa Junko knows hands down, left, right, inside and out about "KKXG: King Kong vs Godzilla" and "KKXG: King Kong vs Gigantis" the manuscript. The novel never would have been written if she didn't exist.

    -- Below are the guests that bloomberg.co.jp has claimed to have interviewed from 07/13/2009 until 07/29/2009:
    07/29/2009 12:00 PM JST Daiwa Securities Smbc Co Ltd Nishimura, Yumi
    07/29/2009 01:00 PM JST Mizuho Reaerch Institute Hosokawa, Mihoko
    07/29/2009 02:00 PM JST Mizuho Securities Ban, Yutaka
    07/29/2009 02:00 PM JST Shinsei Bank Masai, Takako
    07/29/2009 04:20 PM JST Daiwa Research Institute Nomaguchi, Tsuyoshi

    07/28/2009 04:16 PM JST Tachibana Securities Hirano, Kenichi
    07/28/2009 12:00 PM JST Unicom Group Holdings Inc Kikuchi, Yoshifumi
    07/28/2009 10:00 AM JST JPMorgan Chase Bank Tanase, Junya
    07/27/2009 04:01 PM JST Ichiyoshi Asset Management Akino, Mitsushige
    07/27/2009 02:00 PM JST Societe General Yumoto, Kenichi
    07/27/2009 12:30 PM JST Investrust Fukunaga, Hiroyuki

    07/24/2009 04:00 PM JST Daiwa SB Investments Monji, Soichiro
    07/24/2009 12:00 PM JST Nikko Cordial Securities Co Nishi, Hiroichi

    07/23/2009 04:20 PM JST Bansei Securities Hiroshige, Katsuhiko
    07/23/2009 02:00 PM JST Mizutishi UFJ Trust & Banking Sakai, Toshihiko
    07/23/2009 01:40 PM JST Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Takayama, Shin
    07/23/2009 12:00 PM JST Smbc Friend Securities Co Ltd Nakanishi, Fumiyuki
    07/23/2009 10:00 AM JST BBH Iba, Takeshi
    07/23/2009 09:00 AM JST Morgan Stanely Ito, Atsuhi

    07/22/2009 04:15 PM JST Daiwa Research Institute Nomaguchi, Tsuyoshi
    07/22/2009 12:00 PM JST Daiwa Securities Smbc Co Ltd Nishimura, Yumi

    07/21/2009 04:30 PM JST Tachibana Securities Hirano, Kenichi
    07/21/2009 02:00 PM JST Mizuho Corporate Bank Kato, Michiyoshi
    07/21/2009 12:00 PM JST Unicom Group Holdings Inc Kikuchi, Yoshifumi
    07/21/2009 10:00 AM JST Royal Bank of Scottland Yamamoto, Masafumi
    07/17/2009 02:00 PM JST Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Inoue, Hideaki
    07/17/2009 12:30 PM JST Nikko Cordial Securities Co Lt Kobayashi, Hisatsune
    07/17/2009 09:00 AM JST Gaitame.com Ueno, Daisaku

    07/16/2009 12:30 PM JST SMBC Friend Securities Nakanishi, Fumiyuki
    07/16/2009 09:00 AM JST Deutsche Securities Fuakaya, Koji

    07/15/2009 02:00 PM JST Shinsei Bank Masai, Takako
    07/15/2009 01:00 PM JST DPJ Nagahama, Hiroyuki
    07/15/2009 12:30 PM JST Daiwa Securities SMBC Nishimura, Yumi

    07/14/2009 06:00 PM JST Yano Institute Shirakura, Kazuhiro
    07/14/2009 04:00 PM JST Tachibana Sec Hirano, Kenichi
    07/14/2009 12:30 PM JST Kazaka Securities Tabei, Yoshihiko

    07/13/2009 04:00 PM JST JPMorgan Securities Kanno, Masaaki
    07/13/2009 02:00 PM JST Societe Geneal Saito, Yuji
    07/13/2009 12:30 PM JST BNP Paribas Hiratsuka, Motomi

    Bloomberg Television Japan Signs Off!!

    May 01, 2009 22:38 JST (update 6)
    Bloomberg Television Japan Signs Off!!
    BLOOMBERG TELEVISION JAPAN has signed off their Japanese language cable programming yesterday after having a run since October 1996. Their signal no longer continues. However, they will be continuing the journalism through the Japanese Bloomberg website in their native Japanese language (one requires upper level Japanese to read it). Due to the current economic crisis, plus the fact the Internet is a non-deterministic competitive vehicle, Bloomberg Television is trimming down their reach in the foreign languages and Japan was one of the cuts. Bloomberg Television Japan's anchor Motoko Kakizaki sent SHADO CONTROL an email yesterday at 8:50 JST with a grand, profound "thank you very much!" after her final on-air segment. She knows about the Yashiro book being developed here: KKXG: KING KONG VS GODZILLA. Bloomberg Television Japan is in the book, so SHADO CONTROL will make sure their very last broadcast is heard.

    Bloomberg Television Japan
    April 30, 2009 was the final day for Bloomberg Television Japan broadcast news and information as a cable TV channel entity. They will continue the press-room for the website in their native Japanese language. They started in October 1996. Due to the current economic crisis, plus the fact the Internet is a non-deterministic competitive vehicle, Bloomberg Television is trimming down their reach in the foreign languages and Japan was one of the cuts.

    The following were the final guests on Bloomberg Television Japan's final transmission day:
    4/30/2009 06:40 AM JST Daiwa Securities America: Schneider, Kayko (Vice President)
    4/30/2009 07:10 AM JST Nomura Securities: Wako, Juichi (Equity Strategist)
    4/30/2009 07:18 AM JST Mizuho Research Inst: Ono, Makoto (Other)
    4/30/2009 08:40 AM JST Sumitomo Trust Bank: Matsumoto, Saburo (Currency Strategist)
    4/30/2009 09:10 AM JST Shinko Securities: Miura, Yutaka (Equity Strategist)
    4/30/2009 09:18 AM JST Astmax Co Ltd: Emori, Tetsu (Other)
    4/30/2009 11:10 AM JST IDO Securities: Kikuchi, Yoshifumi (Equity Strategist)
    4/30/2009 11:18 AM JST Mitsubishi UFJ R&C: Igarashi, Takanobu (Chief Economist)
    4/30/2009 12:00 PM JST Nidec Corp: Nagamori, Shigenobu (Chief Executive Officer)
    4/30/2009 03:10 PM JST Daiwa Securities Group Inc: Nomaguchi, Tsuyoshi (Other)

    THANK YOU Bloomberg Television Japan. A~yokatta naa! A~yokatta nee!

    NEW PICTURES of Bloomberg Television Japan's Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) Surfaces Through FNN!!

    April 19, 2009 1:38 JST (update 3)
    Today, Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子), has had two (2) deep buried pictures surface on the internet through the Japanese FNN Network. The pictures took a rolling, near-optimal algorithm of string matching to get them to appear, although the actual location doesn't credit her name on them specifically. It took the founder of SHADO CONTROL to positively identify her in the photographs (and hack FNN's code to pull them out). The pictures are below:

    Kikkawa FNN/Bloom photo 01Kikkawa FNN/Bloom photo 02
    Two (2) pictures from 2003 showing the old Bloomberg studios and Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) were buried on FNN's website promoting two (2) people inspecting the area. Picture on the left, Kikkawa sits wearing "the red jacket". Picture on the right, Kikkawa's head is bottom left behind the monitors.

    Bloomberg Television Japan News Information Broadcast to End!!

    March 27, 2009 22:08 JST (update 10)
    Bloomberg Television Japan News Information Broadcast Ends
    If my Japanese comprehension is correct, Bloomberg Television Japan's 柿崎元子さん said at 6:26 JST, they were ending the Japanese broadcast information service. She made the same announcement again at 7:15 JST. Today, March 27, 2009 JST may just be the very last day Bloomberg Television Japan continues to broadcast information as a news anchor format, however they will continue their website news strong. I will monitor this event to see if its the entire programming model or just the "Bloomberg International" program. Naturally, I will utilize their website as instructed.

    Bloomberg.co.jp logo

    Below is the official announcement ending their broadcast, but it's supposed to be a month later (in April). (^_^;)

    4月 : 「ブルームバーグ テレビジョン」放送終了のお知らせ

    According to this announcement in Japanese at http://www.bloomberg.co.jp/media/btv.html, Bloomberg Television Japan will end operations on April 30, 2009. :( But the Japanese Bloomberg website will continue.

    Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) Returned to Bloomberg on The Markets on March 26 and 27, 2009
    21年3月26日と27日午前8時半JSTに吉川淳子さんがブルームバーグ 日本テレビで「ブルームバーグ オン ザ マーケット」 といういよいよ番組へ帰って来ました。 午前8時半から9時20分までと午前11時から11時半JSTごろにこの放送はライブです。 然し、9時半から11時まで3分の「東京マーケットビート」はライブだけです。 でも、 「ブルームバーグ オン ザ マーケット」という番組はライブではありません。 21年3月17日午前11時20分から11時26分ごろには吉川淳子さんの最も最近のお仕事を放送しました。 この新しいライブ放送計画 は以下ブレークイングニュース地位です。 例えば: 日本銀行のブレークイングニュースを起こったら沢山視聴者は知れないです。 オリジナルな放送計画が帰らなければなりません。 吉川淳子さんがオリジナルな放送計画へも帰らなければなりません。毎時にはライブにまたならなければなりません。 宜しくお願いたします.

    On March 26 and 27, 2009 at 8:30 JST, Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) returned to "Bloomberg on the Markets" on Bloomberg Television Japan. She was on the air live from 8:30 until 9:20 JST and again at 11:00 until 11:30 JST. From 9:30 until 11:00 JST, the show is recorded, rebroadcasting the former footage, except for "Tokyo Market Beat" which is a 3 minute live segment. The last time Kikkawa was on "Bloomberg on the Markets" was on March 17, 2009 for a six (6) minute rapid fire segment between 11:20 to 11:26 JST. The current schedule of Bloomberg TV Japan does not allow breaking news to be heard if there is a lack of live coverage. For example, when The Bank of Japan makes a surprise announcement (during the recorded programming), the viewers are unable to know right away. The original schedule must return with Kikkawa Junko and the other anchors. Every hour MUST be live. A voice SHOULD be heard. Not the other way around.

    Naturally, I sure would like to find who the greedy are that caused this massive financial recession hurting everyone.

    March 17, 2009 22:38 JST (update 7)
    Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) was on at 11:20 - 11:26 JST during "Bloomberg on The Markets" on Bloomberg TV Japan and it was an **AWESOME** rapid fire upper level Japanese language version of finance scenarios on 2-year MSCI charts (Morgan Stanley Capital International, stock market index of 'world' stocks), hedge funds and quarterly asset allocations. Terrific! And she wore the color of this page (and the colour of the blog), YELLOW / GOLD, first time ever! I just learn it from her, and I don't know why, but I do.

    March 14, 2009 8:28 JST
    Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) Appears on "Bloomberg on the Markets" in Japan at 11:00 JST on March 13, 2009!!
    Speaking of wonderful news about the Japanese language only journalist who allowed me to accurately call the Dow to 6500 back in October 2008 (and officially in November 2008 to Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV USA and hound him until it hit it ****on the money**** in March 2009), Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) returned for a stint on the second live segment of "Bloomberg on the Markets" on Bloomberg TV Japan at 11:00 JST (22:00 EDT) on March 13, 2009. Unfortunately, her LIVE work was just about 20 minutes. A male anchor interviewed a female author about her financial book release, afterward. Then Bloomberg TV Japan repeated everything on the next half-hour. At 12:00 Noon JST, wearing a different attire (recorded footage, obviously) she did "Bloomberg Voices". At 12:25 JST, she was back on live in her original attire doing the World News Update LIVE. At that point, I went to sleep, it's getting late you know in Boston, MA. I was more than happy she did the story earlier about Ken Lewis' speech in Boston. I like her doing news where I am.

    Again, "Bloomberg on the Markets" on Bloomberg TV Japan is only live from 8:30 JST - 9:30 JST and again at 11:00 JST until 12:00 Noon JST, however some days, like March 13, 2009, it's 11:00 JST to 11:30 JST. The entire day should be live. I mean really.

    Kikkawa's last moment working LIVE on "Bloomberg on the Markets" was February 20, 2009. May the record show her 20 minute stint and any subesquent live moments afterwards was on March 13, 2009, precisely twenty-one (21) days later. Welcome Home, Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子). Hope she stays on if that is what she wants to do (it is and she deserves it.....she called it right, so did I). And of course, become my agent/manager for KKXG.

    March 12, 2009 12:00 JST (update 8)
    Kikkawa Junko was on "Bloomberg Voices" on March 12, 2009 at 12:00 Noon JST interviewing Mr. Fujinuma Akihisa, Chairperson and CEO of Nomura Research Institute.

    I like miracles. RWA.

    March 10, 2009 12:29 JST (update 7)
    Kikkawa was the host of "Bloomberg Voices" on March 10, 2009 at 12:00 Noon JT (recorded). I always like miracles. My voice continues.

    March 10, 2009 11:00 JST (update 6)
    Well, here are two (2) rare pictures of Kikkawa that was found (I mean, buried) on The Internet, that popped up through a kernel search, thanks to this blog's Jon Stewart KKXG posting (see Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" Attacks CNBC as Dishonest and Incorrect!! ) making it to The Huffington Post for only one (1) day:

    Toho's chart 03/09/2009Toho's chart 03/09/2009
    Kikkawa Junko (right) (吉川淳子) interviewing an analyst during an older Bloomberg TV Japan television broadcast. These pictures must be 3 years old, notice the older studio setting, but the same mouse and keyboard (i.e.: a "terminal" provided by Bloomberg LP). That's who I want to be the business agent for KKXG. She knows everything about this script and more.

    Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) pictures on the Net are very rare. What can be accessed through a search are from a profile listed a long time ago and are not her best, except for one. So it was a pleasure to see these new ones which I placed on SHADO's server.

    March 09, 2009 22:22 JST (update 6)
    JON STEWART of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on March 04, 2009 attacked the on-air staff of General Electric's (GE) CNBC Business Television as dishonest and incorrect, based on their analysis of the markets, their interviews with CEO's of banks, major "shadow" banks and large corporations, and their predictions of charts for financial investing. And the proof he showed is certainly in the pudding.

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

    What I find of particular interest with the allowed embedded clip shown below, is Jon Stewart showing the opinions of CNBC analysts and the result of reality, contradicting their "professional" analysis. Starting off with CNBC's Rick Santelli going into a rant that homeowners should not be bailed out when Wall Street gets $2 trillion is just the start. Santelli agreed to be on the Daily Show, but then did a John McCain and "bailed out", as Stewart put it. It gets even better. Two particular examples are Jim Cramer of CNBC's "Mad Money" claiming Bank of America's stock will go to $60.00 "in a heart beat", when now it's under $4.00 a share, and the live Carl Quintanilla interview with accused $8 Billion fraudulent Pozni schemer Sir Allen Stansford before he was caught, asking him this question "Is it fun being a Billionaire?", the answer given by Stansford, and Jon Stewart's colorful reaction. GE, the parent company of NBC, employs Andrea Mitchell as a correspondent, who's husband is also former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan. Didn't Mr. Greenspan say he made an error in the housing crisis which put us all in this problem in the first place? Now GE's financial division crumbles and according to one New York Bloomberg correspondent, GE doesn't even know what real estate they own, but the Greenspan family still gets dough from GE? Did Jon Stewart miss that one? I recommend EVERYONE see this for yourself:

    If the The Daily Show has server problems or there's Armageddon, their direct link is here: http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=220252&title=cnbc-gives-financial-advice!!

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is on Comedy Central at 23:00 ET, Monday - Thursday. Comedy Central is owned and operated by Comedy Partners, a wholly-owned division of MTV Networks ("MTVN"), which is a division of Viacom International Inc.

    My argument is for Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) of Bloomberg TV Japan to be reinstated on-the-air immediately, without delay. Her analysis, charts (she showed), and questions she asked (in the Japanese language which I understand) allowed me to call the Dow correctly to 6500 and tell that to Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV USA back in November 2008. Then Bloomberg cuts all of Japan's on-air staff.....by who's recommendation, Sir Allen Stansford's? When the entire staff of CNBC calls it wrong and claims to be the ones with the "experience you need to know", it's time WE are paid with our say, and they have had THEIR say. "Knowledge is Power", right.....so we got it right, CNBC was "too big to be right".

    Those Bloomberg L.P. terminals doesn't necessarily make everyone else call it right. It's understanding the information, using what's provided and calling it right that counts.

    March 06, 2009 23:08 JST (update 4):
    21年2月20日から今日まで吉川淳子さんは「ブルームバーグ オン ザ マーケット」というブルームバーグ日本テレビ番組で放送していません。 21年2月4日6時 JST ごろにはブルームバーグ日本テレビのライブ放送が突然に止まりました。 然し、その日、ブルームバーグで録音した番組を未だ続いて来ました。 迚も遅い過程ではライブ放送を帰って来るですが6時と7時JSTのライブ放送だけでした。 徐々、8時半から9時半JSTまでライブ番組と11時から12時JSTまでライブ番組を再開しました。 この新しいライブ放送計画 は以下ブレークイングニュース地位です。 日本銀行のブレークイングニュースを起こったら沢山視聴者は知れないです。 オリジナルな放送計画が帰らなければなりません。 吉川淳子さんがオリジナルな放送計画へも帰らなければなりません。
    Bloomberg TV Japan's 柿崎元子
    柿崎元子さん, the morning anchor who would always precede Kikkawa Junko now only has a live broadcast at 6:00 JST (repeated at 6:30) and 7:00 JST (repeated at 7:30 and 8:00). This is a still shot of the day (February 08, 2009) their live broadcasts first resumed.

    KIKKAWA JUNKO (吉川淳子) has not been on Bloomberg TV Japan's "Bloomberg on the Markets" since February 20, 2009, where she did a one (1) day stint. On February 04, 2009, the television station's live programming went off the air, although all the markets were opened. It took Kikkawa sixteen (16) days to return. She was also the last of all their great air talent to return. However, what was thought to be a "welcome back" has yet to yield her permanently after that February 20th event. SHADO CONTROL still maintains a direct conduit with her, however she has not returned to "Bloomberg on the Markets", let alone on the air, live, for that matter.

    Today, when the US Dow markets tinkered so very close 6550, a low not seen since the first term of President Bill Clinton, I emailed Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV USA (where I predicted the market would go this low many months ago for a "Starbucks Coffee with Kikkawa", that's valued at $1 Billion USD) and told him she should be given an "O" Visa (aka: The United States O-1 Entry Visa) and she should be returned on the air (on Bloomberg TV Japan). We did get the market right. I know Matt wants the Starbucks. She qualifies for an O-1.

    Yale University has a brilliant explanation here about the O-1 Visa: http://www.oiss.yale.edu/visa/o1.htm

    UPDATE: February 20, 2009: Today, after the US Markets fell to a low not seen since June 2002 (7465.95), Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) returned to Bloomberg TV Japan's "Bloomberg
    on The Markets". She has not been on the show since February 4, 2009, an absence of sixteen (16) days. This occurred when Bloomberg TV Japan
    made a surprise, unannounced format change on February 04, 2009. The result was all their live on-air programming stopped while the Nikkei markets were opened.
    On February 09, 2009, the live on-air programming slowly became reinstated. However, it took sixteen (16) days for Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) to return. Finally.

    UPDATE: February 17, 2009: On February 17, 2009, we sent On-Air reporter MIKE FIRN of Bloomberg TV Japan an email for his comments on the February 4, 2009 incident.
    We have not received a return response.

    Kikkawa Junko was cut from Bloomberg TV Japan's "Bloomberg on the Markets"!! It is shameful!!

    February 09, 2009 - Updated Feb 10, 11, and 12) (SHADO AP) -
    ???? US DOL / YEN
    Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子)

    The announcement was made last week and I had to use the week to verify it:


    Here's my rant:

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg Television has cut up to 100 workers and a large chunk has come from International ON-AIR staff from Japan, Spain and France. But in Japan, it is shameful there were any on-air cuts. On Wednesday February 04, 2009 Japan Time (JT), the day was progressing as normal, until suddenly, the reporter for the Nikkei Stock Market, Kato-san, did not do his live broadcast at the Japanese stock market location (down the street) for up to date, real time, business information and their associated stocks. Instead, he remained in the studio with the female anchor, the great 柿崎元子さん. Kikkawa Junko did not appear on camera for her normal, daily show, "Bloomberg on the Markets". Instead, the show's icon opening logo never came on and the freedom of press in Japan was ended. It was shameful.

    Of the number of on-air reporters and anchors at Bloomberg TV Japan, it appeared that Kikkawa Junko got the cut. And that is shameful and disgusting. Kikkawa Junko is by far one of the best, if not THE BEST on-air anchors on Japanese television and bypasses all. When I was given the word of the cuts, I emailed Kikkawa showing her my full support, including the fact she is the best. I also forwarded this email to the anchor before her, and to SHAKU YUMIKO (釈由美子).

    In Hong Kong, I had a terrific email conversation with Bernard Lo, informing him on my disappointment with Kikkawa's departure. Then I also emailed Bloomberg USA's Matt Miller my disapproval. But the best part was Bloomberg TV's human resources department constantly calling me while I refused all employment and any opportunity to work with that company. In fact, as the professional journalist that I was in my "other life" before I graduated from Boston University, within hours I received the complete breakdown on how Bloomberg LP works and why it's generally a farce and shouldn't be supported. A majority of their "job openings", albeit listed on-line to adhere to EEO law, are not openings for the outside public after all, but are "job fair openings" for Bloomberg employees only, a large number are situated inside a large training course, like a shadow college. Their on-air positions require an agent, however are listed on-line under the assumption a McDonald's worker can get one, all bogus, according to inside Bloomberg New York sources. And their clients for Bloomberg LP are a majority of failing mortgage brokers and banks receiving TARP money. A collapsing Merrill Lynch is one of them, according to an inside Bloomberg representative in New York. And it doesn't look good for them either.

    Isn't that ironic? Bloomberg cuts Kikkawa, then Bloomberg human resources calls me at the same time. *NO*

    I don't have a problem with how a company like Bloomberg does business. I have a problem when a company limits the freedom of the press as a cost cutting measure, rather than tells the truth and holds private companies accountable for the public interest, ON-AIR, whether in Japan, The United States, The UK, Spain, France, India, ANYWHERE! Then looks for employees as slave labor to continue Wall Street as usual when main street collapses. When speech and press is limited, I have no interest to work in autocracy.

    In a glimmer of hope, on February 9, 2009 JT, the "Bloomberg on the Markets" Japanese opening logo has returned, after a three (3) day absence, not including the weekend. The anchor who is usually on after Kikkawa, 曽宮一恵さん, was doing the show with more up-to-date news and financial information, but still ZERO news from the Nikkei LIVE as it happens. There is hope that Kikkawa Junko CAN and WILL return and I hope my distaste on her cut was heard loud enough. It was loud enough that Bloomberg US human resources kept calling ME, on my phone, to the point I threatened their own jobs if they called again. NOW, The "Bloomberg on the Markets" Japan logo is back. That's HER show, her logo.

    UPDATE: February 10, 2009: The live Nikkei reporting is starting again. It appears the original programming is slowly being reimplemented. This is a changing story, day-to-day. Kikkawa Junko is still not on the air, during her normal 8:30am - 10:10am JT slot.

    UPDATE: February 11, 2009: I am not convinced, but it is an additional sign of HOPE. As of February 11, 2009 JT, Kikkawa Junko had a local, general, Japanese business news segment on Bloomberg TV Japan at 8:58AM JT (rebroadcast at 9:28AM JT). It could be an old recording from last week before the cuts, but probability dictates it was recent. Also, February 11, 2009 is a Japanese National Holiday (National Foundation Day). We will stay with this day-to-day.

    UPDATE: February 12, 2009: Kato-san, the Nikkei Japan Stock Market reporter has returned after a week absense during the 7am JT broadcast (although the broadcast is repeated on the half-hour, rather than live up-to-date coverage). I have verified that yesterday's Kikkawa's local, general, Japanese business news segment was recent and reflected news for today (Mokuyoubi), so she IS there. Lastly, Bloomberg TV Japan ran a promo showing ALL the television personalities, including Kikkawa. There appears to be a large amount of happiness for the 7am JT broadcast (but that's it). Kikkawa Junko was not on the 8:30am broadcast, the anchor usually after her, 曽宮一恵さん, was on instead. The press freedoms, as they were in the past, have not fully returned. However, each day, one reinstatement from the original programming tends to appear (Kato-san's return, only for 30 minutes was today's). This is a day-to-day, hour-to-hour story. We will keep monitoring it so very, very close. We also emailed many inside the core of Bloomberg TV Japan, awaiting responses and comments (if they can be provided....remember, this is not the United States). At 12 noon JT, Kikkawa Junko's segments from a past recorded "Bloomberg Voices" show (from February 1, 2009) with the new January 29, 2009 appointed President of NGI Group (Kaneko Yozo) were broadcast. Kikkawa Junko, still, is the best, given the environment.

    帰って来たウルトラ吉川淳子さん!! The Return of Kikkawa Junko to Bloomberg Japan!

    ??????? ??????? ???????
    The pictures above are file pictures of the Bloomberg TV Japan on-air studios across the street from Tokyo Station.
    The female anchor shown on the left is
    曽宮一恵さん (a south paw).

    February 12, 2009 Japan Time (JT) (SHADO AP) -
    Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) anchored the afternoon show on Bloomberg TV Japan, but in a limited fashion. We have verified Kikkawa Junko (吉川淳子) is back. However, please note, the level of difficulty it was getting information on this actual broadcast unit that "gets information" on private enterprise accountability for public interest. In an analogy, who polices the police? The press freedoms that were extracted from Bloomberg TV Japan on February 04, 2009 is slowly being reinstalled, but are seriously lacking the free live, real-time press they once had. A majority of the programming is re-hashed, re-broadcast programming from earlier in the day. And this is happening at a greater exponential rate than the original programming before February 04, 2009. It's sad. We strongly hope no "Japanese Only" sentiment away from the outside world comes out of it. It would be a serious, big mistake. Ignoring that, this unit of the press is in Japan. It would be unlikely any mistake will be admitted, let alone any written hint anything happened, due to the concept of self-embarrassment exposure. But Obama is President now and change is happening in the USA, so they will have to change eventually. The great Junichiro Koizumi is starting it by publicly bashing Prime Minister Aso (who's latest approval rating is a whopping 14% according to a poll conducted by Japan's Asahi Newspaper (朝日新聞), even lower than Mori).

    A note to Bloomberg Television and read it close. Never do that again. Have a brain for once, the world has only lost trillions of dollars in numerous currencies on your watch, so really, you are not any better than the minimum wage worker at the moment. That dumb move is recorded here.

    Final Thoughts of Bloomberg TV Japan's Press Sacking!!

    February 13, 2009 (SHADO AP):
    My last two (2) blog listings were specific towards Bloomberg TV Japan and I stayed with that story, like a fine tooth comb until I received a final answer. You never saw "Democracy Now" at democracynow.org go crashing in to find out how a press freedom was shutdown for numerous days by an **AMERICAN** company, in the second largest world economy, Japan. What we had was a complete live shutdown of a news industry while the financial markets were opened on February 04, 2009, right at the specific source location. Was there an immediate worker strike, an on-air employee walkout, or a massive layoff without any notice? If CNN did that, wouldn't YOU want to know what was going on? MAN, I wish I was standing at the Marunouchi Building when this happened.

    Marunouchi Building

    According to The New York Post, Bloomberg loses $20 million a year and will probably have a huge loss to come when they report their own numbers next time. The result, like for any company, is cutting back. However, a majority of Bloomberg's "revenue" is from their Bloomberg LP unit of financial software and computer terminals (BTW, most of those terminals were made in China) for a bundle of Wall Street and other market firms all over the world. When the markets and their clients collapsed, they needed to do cutting. However, when you watch Bloomberg TV USA and all those video screens and flashing icons in the background or located all over their buildings, does anyone have a dollar ticker to record their drainage cost? It's HUGE. But instead, what they did was cut the freedom of the press in Japan, Spain and France, frankly attacking the natural language bureaus in those countries. Since I represent interest in Japan, I made sure their cuts projecting a catastrophic on-air result was recorded, day-to-day, almost hour-to-hour. The Japanese aren't going to record it for "public dissemination". If it happened in America, someone would have kept an eye on it and recorded the result. But in this very rare case, this was a Japanese language news bureau of an AMERICAN company, showcasing business news primarily about America and Japan, with worldwide reach, from Japan at the Nikkei. And all in a language that 99.5% of Americans don't understand and wouldn't care to. However, it was an **AMERICAN** company, not a Japanese company. It had to be told. It had to be recorded. It was shameful. For more information on Bloomberg LP and what that company really is, please go here: http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Bloomberg-L.P. As for information concerning their hiring practices and procedure, including their "shadow college" technique, were provided by inside Bloomberg New York sources, including face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, emails, use of Bloomberg LP terminals and general information Bloomberg Television provides during their broadcasts, please scroll down to the two (2) blog articles dated February 12, 2009 and February 09, 2009. So you all know, the Bloomberg TV Japan news articles on this KKXG Blog received the highest amount of visitors ever. The Jack Welch story was second. What, no Pulitzer Prize? Oh man!
    SHADO CONTROL, shado-x.com, its articles, and information are all Registered Copyrights. Copyright © 1995-2010 ALAN COLOSI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    Management Changes
    Thursday February 5, 10:37 AM
    UPDATE 1-Bloomberg to cut 100 U.S. broadcast jobs

    LINK HAS BEEN DISABLED: http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/05022009/323/update-1-bloomberg-cut-100-u-s-broadcast-jobs.html

    By Robert MacMillan NEW YORK, Feb 4 (Reuters) - Bloomberg LP will cut 100 television and radio jobs in the first layoffs since it was founded in 1981 by now-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The news and financial data provider will cut the jobs in the United States, 45 of them from its newsroom staff, spokeswoman Judith Czelusniak said, adding Bloomberg might cut other jobs in Britain, Europe and Japan. 'It is a restructuring really needed in order to make programming changes and a network that really leverages our global bureau system and infrastructure,' Czelusniak said.

    Bloomberg would also shut all non-English language television operations, including those in Japan, Spain and France, two Bloomberg sources with direct knowledge of the situation said. The cuts would affect about 40 people in Asia Pacific, including 15 in Japan, mostly on the television side. Another Bloomberg source said the company was hiring at least a dozen people across the greater China region as it shifts its focus to its text and newswire services. Multimedia operations, which include broadcast, are overseen by former NBC television executive Andrew Lack. Lack took over last year from Matt Winkler, who founded Bloomberg's news operation and still heads the news group. Lack told employees Bloomberg would integrate its television operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia into a single English-language global network.

    'In addition to the benefits of approaching our television news reporting as a single global operation, we will be able to make better use of our resources and eliminate duplicative efforts across the channels,' he said. The Los Angeles Times reported the job cuts on its website on Tuesday evening. They come shortly after the departure of Bloomberg Television Managing Editor John Meehan. The cuts include canceling the 'Night Talk' TV show with host Mike Schneider.

    The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Bloomberg's TV and radio operations both are losing an estimated $20 million a year. Czelusniak declined to comment on that report. Czelusniak confirmed that Bloomberg generates about $6 billion in annual revenue, a figure cited by the Los Angeles Times. The company, which competes with Thomson Reuters Corp , employs about 10,500 people worldwide, with more than 6,500 in the United States. It employs more than 2,300 news staff, including 1,500 print reporters and about 850 workers in multimedia. It is adding about 70 print news jobs, Czelusniak said. Bloomberg has avoided cutting jobs, even at times when other media outlets have made cuts. Like other financial media, Bloomberg is trying to deal with thousands of job cuts at banks and other institutions where it sells its news and data. Czelusniak said the company plans to hire about 1,000 people this year, but net additions will be lower because of the planned cuts.

    (Reporting by Robert MacMillan, additional reporting by Tokyo and Hong Kong newsrooms; Editing by Toni Reinhold and Ian Geoghegan)