The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage During The Greatest War on Earth
The Anger Shall Be Heard. The God Will Have a Say.

釈由美子さんの考えと知識への小説。 カイリー・ミノーグへも。

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Boston's CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE Movie Showcase Audio Page
(As was broadcast on WLVI-TV 56, Boston in the 70's)


Here are two original audios of "Creature Double Feature" from the 70's. They are mp3 files.
If you click the link, it will open your Operating System's default .mp3 player. Please allow
the time for the downloading.

Creature Double Feature Audio #01 (31 seconds)
CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE Audio File #01: "Destroy All Monsters" and "Destroy All Planets".
I included the very beginning of the opening theme to "Destroy All Monsters" as it was broadcast.

Creature Double Feature Audio #02 (2 minutes and 22 seconds)
CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE Audio File #02: "Godzilla's Revenge", "Dagora: The Space Monster"
and the introduction theme song to Godzilla's Revenge as it was broadcast!!

Here are two (2) original audios from the original WLVI-TV 56 "Creature Double Feature" shows as they were
broadcast in 1976 with the "Voice of WLVI-TV 56", Tom Evans. These are the ones you will remember.
Acccording to Tom Evans (who's real name is Neil MacNevinon), via an email on May 28, 2009: "(His relationship)
as The Voice for Creature Double Feature was for 98% of the show." He was "the chief announcer of 56 from
1970 until about 1994". The reverbeation (echo) effect, and "various other effects were created by
Tom (Evans) and, engineers Lou Schuman, and Press Campbell." Tom is very pleased everyone enjoyed it so much.
I had these in my audio files for 25+ years!!  When considering to destroy  the audios above, so to
reuse the tape, I, for some reason said....I'll hold on to these! Now their value is above for all to
enjoy for a 25th Anniversary!!  ENJOY!!  Information and updates as to finding more audios are at
the bottom of this page....so read on!!

In the early-mid 1970's, a local Boston television station (WLVI-TV, 56) broadcast a movie at 4pm Saturdays
(called "The 4 O'clock Movie") and decided to run a Godzilla movie weekly until they "ran out" of their stock!
They did this for two (2) cycles.  The ratings went through the roof with youngsters.  Then they decided to start
the films at 12 Midnight, calling it "Creature Feature".  In a bold move, they quickly moved it to 12 Noon to
increase ratings....and realized that competiting with WCVB-TV Ch 5's "Candlepin Bowling" was a futile attempt, so
it was moved to 2pm.  It became so popular in the ratings, they expanded it to "Creature Double Feature"
starting a 1pm and increased their library with the rights to as many "Giant Monster Movies" as they could.
Out of all of it, only "Ghidora: The Three Headed Monster" was the only Japanese big generic monster movie
they never could get the rights for (nb: "King Kong vs Godzilla" was another, but in time, they did secure the
rights for that film during the CDF run).  A lot of this information was made available to the public on a WLVI-TV
56 TV show called "Meet the Manager".  When I was a child, I wrote a letter to them and received a responce.  I
am still looking for that letter.  If I find it, I'll post it here.

The CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE series ran for some 6 years (I believe) and all kids (now in their 30's and
40's) who lived locally during that time, remember this as the Saturday Afternoon to watch the great monster movies.
When Creature Double Feature started to die down, WLVI-TV started to broadcast martial arts films....mind you,
that didn't last too too long.  I believe CDF ended its rein in 1981.  Also typical is WLVI-TV's current 21st Century
status, which as a media monopoly entity (they are now part of the WB Network...and don't be fooled, this is part of
the AOL TIME WARNER monopoly), knows nothing about its history, nor the existance of CDF.

I may have more audios lying around somewhere in my hundreds of audio tapes which I never destroyed, in the long run.
If I find another audio, I'll throw it up here.  Have fun!!

- Update (06/17/2006)
WLVI-TV 56 has resumed CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE starting on Saturday's at 12:00
noon! Apparently people at 56 have been allowed to resume local creative control.
CDF will play the same music as before. On 06/24/2006, CDF will show "Godzilla
vs The Smog Monster" and "The Giant Gila Monster"!!

- Update (06/27/2006)
WLVI-TV 56' CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE was a one time showing only and ran 3 hours 30 minutes, but it was
littered with unwatchable commercials!! The nostalgia broadcast was okay, with hosts, who were funny, sometimes.
In the end were additional clutter. It was not "The Movie Loft" with Dana Hersey, and the ending was for an "Infomercial"
immediately after. What ruined the films was a disgusting eye popping out of the logo as a pop-up
advertisement throughout and as the main-logo as buffers (and the opening introduction as well). In other words,
We know the films, I would just keep eyes popping out of them to not be there. To conclude after all of this,
Naturally, not one communication to me---the recognizing original source of the original audios listed
on-line for all. Just find it odd that I made the buzz, thus buzz me with what I know.

- Update (10/27/2007)
WLVI-TV 56' CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE was brought back for the following double feature showcasing
GAMERA! The movies were "Gamera: The Invincible" and "Attack of the Monsters"!! This time they didn't
interupt the films with crappy pop-up ads, nor were there any idiots interupting the films (which would
make me change the channel). However, the CDF logo still shows an eye popping out, which I think is
over the line for children's programming. Just because adult males watch and remember CDF from the '70s,
that doesn't mean a new crop of children in the 6 - 13 age range doesn't exist watching trusted FCC regulated
television programming. They should not be subjected to an eye popping out without a warning, even if it's a
cartoon. I never saw Bugs Bunny's eye pop out on Warner Brothers cartoons based on a violent act. Thanks.

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