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**GAMERA 4: SHINJITSU (Movie Review)**

**** STARS OUT OF **** STARS!!
After being the **ONLY** "foreigner" (from the very second showing of the film at Nakano Zero) to see the full creation from Mr. Hayashiya Shinpei and Mr. Hirokatsu Kihara's sequel, "Gamera 4: Shinjitsu" (aka: Gamera 4: Truth), it was the rarest, amazing moment in the sold-out, non-paid, non-air conditioned theatre's second viewing of this rare underground film at Nakano Zero that runs 46 minutes and stars the actor who plays the detective in the first three high budget Daiei films (Mr. Yukijiro Hotaru as Inspector Osako)!! Mr. Hayashiya Shinpei is the writer, producer and director of "Gamera 4: Truth"!!

The film begins with the Japanese SDF (Special Defence Force) ordered to fly and attack the hundreds of Gyaos creatures that were left flying around in the sky from "Gamera 3: Incomplete Struggle"!! As the Air Force doesn't have a chance, Gamera flies and now has two (2) fire arms!! Gamera attacks and destroys some of the Gyaos creatures, but he is outnumbered. In a last chance effort, Gamera goes into his shell and spins faster and faster creating an air whirlpool, capturing all but five (5) Gyaos creatures!! Gamera opens the stomach section of his shell and destroys them all with a huge fire exhaust (used during "Gamera 2: Advent of Legion" in the Sendai area of Japan)!! The remaining Gyaos attack Gamera's opened section with their laser rays, except out of no where, a larger, white, 6th Gyaos creature appears and destroys all of what Gamera has left. This is ALBINO GYAOS and Gamera falls to the sea coast, dead!!

ALBINO GYAOS is smarter and goes after the detective after he takes a bath in his apartment (we see his ass in the only nude scene of the film), but apparently doesn't kill him. Albino Gyaos attacks Yokohama and the destroyed Gamera regenerates just in time to take him on one-on-one!! The battle ensues and Gamera destroys Albino Gyaos, but then Gamera attacks the humans and Yokohama until he, himself explodes!! We end with a radio broadcast informing us that Japan is safe and all the creatures are gone.

This film is a parody, much like how "Never Say Never Again" is a parody of James Bond, but serious in nature. G4 also has a HUGE underground fan base in Japan that doesn't want Gamera 3 to end the way it did. Mr. Hayashiya Shinpei, who plays one of the newspaper jouranlists in "Godzilla 1984" and also stars in many other Japanese monster movies, has created a fantastic G4, closing the door that was left wide opened in the Daiei G3 film!! Computer animation with real battle moments were used for all the special effects of the monsters and was done quite well!! Shot to video, it is a higher end equivalent to what Dr. Who "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" wishes it could be and wished it could have.

"G4: Gamera 4: Truth" will NOT be released to DVD or Video (I asked Mr. Hayashiya Shinpei directly) and will remain indigenous to Japan only!! More screenings are scheduled and are free of charge, in Tokyo only. Pictures of promotional items and the link to the creator's homepage is below (the link is now inactive).

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REVIEW DATE: 06/29/2003

Promotional artwork on the Gamera 4 T-shirts sold during screenings of the film! Shown Albino Gyaos and Gamera 4!!
T-shirt provided by the Director of the film.

GAMERA 4 CREATORS' BLOG (in Japanese only) known as RAIGA BLOG

The double firearm Gamera 4!!

Underground Japanese advertisement sheet promotion for the original first run of Gamera 4 at Nakano Zero!!