The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage During The Greatest War on Earth
The Anger Shall Be Heard. The God Will Have a Say.


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GXMG: Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (2003) Data Page!! 釈由美子                              SHADO CONTROL
Motion Picture Review 12/19/2002!!
Rating:  ***3/4 out of **** stars

First Lt. Yashiro Akane (Shaku Yumiko 釈由美子) is in charge of Kiryu to face G!!
This picture was also released as a huge poster in Japan!!

The latest Godzilla (G) film "Gojira x MechaGojira 2003" (aka:"Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 2003") is now released (12/14/02) and it is The King of the Monsters vs The 3 Multi-purpose Fighting System!! We are in a new history for this G.  In 1954, the original Godzilla was defeated by the Oxygen Destroyer, but this biological device could not breakdown bones (and anything inside), so we were left with the skeleton of Godzilla. In 1999, a vicious typhoon came and during a special live news broadcast for the incoming tidal surge, the wave is bigger than expected and G appears!! The Japanese defence military is quick to respond, but given the fact we are in the history combination of the movies "Mothra" and "War of the Guargantuas" (where the humans had to fight the green guargantua, Gaira), we are equipped with a more efficient version of the Maser Laser Tanks (MLT)!! First Lt. Yashiro Akane (Shaku Yumiko 釈由美子) is assigned to operate one of these vehicles and in an attempt to attack the eye of G, is struck down by G's fire breath, killing the brother of one of the officers as her vehicle crushes another. The intention is, if she had not moved the vehicle, based on her own judgment of attack, the incident wouldn't have happened. This is the opening 5 minutes of the film, shot at night.

We are in the history of "War of the Guargantuas".  Shown here is Gaira at Tokyo Haneda Kuukou (airport)

By 2003, present day, the humans with the help of a special scientist creates a mechanical Godzilla using the interior spinal cavity of the original 1954 Godzilla's bone mass.  This is decided to be the best way to fight G, rather than making a nuclear powered version.  Yashiro has been given a desk job and has to face the hassle of her superiors with nothing but to respect her new role, but she fights with her interior and trains to be as fit as possible.  Prime Minister Tsuge Machiko (Mizuno Kumi) passes her reign to Secretary of State Igarashi Hayato (Nakao Akira), whom is now Prime Minister.  MechaGodzilla (Kiryu) is finally completed, with a processor that works in 2^n. (Science Note: the 2^n concept in the movie is shown with a binary tree which is linear and not 2^n.  Therefore this concept could be showing an n! reduction to 2^n with the use of a binary tree.  In real discrete mathematics, such a reduction uses Pascal's Triangle).  Kiryu is equipped with Absolute Zero weaponry that can dissolve anything into frozen powder.....but it can only be shot once per charge-up.  By convenience, Godzilla appears and the military deploys MechaGodzilla to be operated, under protest, by Yashiro!

Kiryu creates incorrect computational code, enabling it to attack the city until its power cells are exhausted!
Is this the same as the dreaded MS OS GPF (General Protection Fault)?

After they battle, Kiryu is motionless and G escapes!  But out of no where, Kiryu's eyes turn red and attacks the military and the city.  For one hour (the time Kiryu has for power), Kiryu is unstoppable (Note:  If you have good eyes when Kiryu walks through a building, the interior shows the blue monkey mask worn on a shelf by the aliens in the first MG film "Godzilla vs The Cosmic Monster".  Look for it on the middle right when the building gets crushed).  Kiryu does not have a nuclear engine, but works on a fossil energy battery and has to be recharged.  It also works, based on the spine of the original G.  They find out that G's roar caused a computational error and Kiryu is banned from combat.  Yashiro is again blamed by the man who is the brother of the killed officer in 1999, only to find he is overruled by her team/group and Yashiro is once again accepted!

Kiryu is re-dispatched with newly written code.  Kiryu in occulation with the Moon.

And G is waiting for Kiryu!!

Godzilla comes again and a high ranking military officer goes unsolicited to the Prime Minister for authority to operate the repaired Kiryu!  It takes some thinking, but the PM agrees, verbally.  Yashiro is again working Kiryu and G battles it in Tokyo.  Kiryu's AZ shot misses and vaporizes three buildings.  G continues his rampage, while through a satellite link-up, Kiryu is recharged, but Yashiro has to operate it manually and it is extremely difficult!  The Kiryu/Yashiro team-up grabs G by the mouth and carries the beast into the water, at the same time activating the AZ shot!  We are left with G walking away, Kiryu standing with no power and Yashiro watching.  Did Yashiro let G live?

Operating Kiryu manually proves that looks are only skin deep.

Yashiro claims the match is a draw for G x Kiryu, however I conclude it is a BIG win for Godzilla.  G survived the AZ from a rechargeable robot based on bio-genetics that is now motionless.  G basically walked away with "a black eye", while Kiryu was inoperable.  The plot of the film of Yashiro as a loner with no one to support her is really good with great character development and inspiring.  Unfortunately, her team didn't get any character development.  However, I find the film is **better** and easy to watch a second time (yes, going all the way to Japan *twice* to do it).  And that's good, counting for double the receipts!  The movie flows well, never taking away one's interest.  Kiryu's weaponry will remain secret in this review, so you can see its methods of attack.  Another concept is Kiryu acting as a sentient being.  In fact, Kiryu doesn't appear to show the ability to think and decide for itself as a "life form" (only once did its eyes flicker when Yashiro demanded Kiryu to get up).  So far, after a second view of the film, I find Kiryu is strictly a computational entity.  Although linked with living tissue (G's spinal column), there are no signs of emotion or decision making.  In fact, G's roar only created code, causing Kiryu to attack.  Kiryu did not decide to attack or show any emotion to attack.  Therefore not sentient.

G is leaving with a black eye, while Kiryu is out of power with Yashiro watching.  Did Yashiro let G live?

Look out for two (2) cameos of Hideki Matsui, the star Tokyo Giants baseball slugger who, as of this writing, is a free-agent and may go to The New York Yankees (American League)!  Also quick clips from Mothra, and War of the Guargantuas, the latter showing Gaira at Tokyo Airport, giving such a chill as Prime Minister Tsuge Machiko (Mizuno Kumi) explained the problems we are facing from overgrown monsters and the weapons used to fight them!  Gaira happened to be one of the most vicious monsters ever created.  It is rumoured that this film will have an English dub and be released in the United States.  In 2004, Godzilla will be at his 50th Anniversary!

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Below are pictures and items of Godzilla merchandise, promotional materials and advertisements for GXMG 2003:

Promotional pamphlet of a Godzilla Museum event linking actual science to the science portrayed in "Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla 2003".  This picture of G is from the first 5 minutes in the film.  Awesome scene!!

The front and back cover of the newly released Japanese Original Music Soundtrack CD for the film.

The Movie Only *ICE GODZILLA* vinyl figure!!  Notice the buildings are real!
A great special effect can be achieved with the cheapest of cameras.

The cover of the December Special Edition Movie Program CD-ROM, sold ONLY at the theatre!!

The cover from the 6 page gatefold movie program at the November 2nd Tokyo International Film Festival

The pictures below are from the November posting of this page and were located inside the 2nd Tokyo International Film Festival movie program (see cover picture above).:

First Lt. Yashiro Akane fights G and makes it personal!!

G is back and looks much like the G from G 2000 and G 2001!!

MechaGodzlla (Kiryu) has a new weapon that is -273 C (0 Kelvin)!!

G taking a bite out of a jet that looks like a white Thunderbird 2