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Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidora: Giant Monster All Out Attack! (aka: GMK)
Motion Picture Review (12/25/2001) Christmas Day!                                     SHADO CONTROL
Rating: **** stars out of **** stars

There he is!!  BIG G making the same coincidental appearance as he did in 1954!!

It is February 2002 and G is spotted by a Japanese submarine squad investigating the destruction of a US Nuclear Submarine underwater far off the coast of Japan.  What they find is a big glowing tail!!  This is the new G movie in which the history of Godzilla has changed.  We now are watching a sequel to the 1954 Godzilla film *with* the incorporation of the history from Tri-Star's "Godzilla 1998".  The Japanese military state the monster's appearance in New York, but do not claim it is a Godzilla (in fact two men speak to each other and say, in America they think it is a Godzilla, but not in Japan.  From SHADO: Trust me, many Americans do not think TriStar has the correct artists working for them either.  If they did, USA artists would not be waiters in cafes).

The story focuses on a female journalist working for a tabloid newspaper.  Ironically, her father is a top military soldier and an excellent character.  When G appears, his daughter finally convinces her newspaper to do a "real" story following G as the military will be blocking all access, yet she will "somehow" have the clout to follow G and get in.  In this film, TOHO does the scene where G first appears correctly.  In the US G 1998, a ship is risen in a big wave and we literally see too much debris, even for New York.  In this film, it is a shock to see what happens to the ship and watching G appear with *white eyes*!!

The first appearance of G done right!!

The Earth contains three monsters/spirits that are guardians of the planet from ancient times.  They are only to be resurrected in time of imminent danger.  G has appeared and the monsters come!!  They are Baragon (land), Mothra (sea) and King Ghidora (sky).  FYI, Ghidora is *not* the space monster as he is in the other films.....he is a guardian of the Earth.  This G is very powerful and very focussed on destroying humans.  However, G is apparently protecting an Achilles' Heal because when he is attacked by the beasts of "his own size", he is defensive and waits for them to throw the first blow.  G will then figure out how the attack is taking place and literally uses his extreme focussed power to defeat his opponents.  G's ray breath needs to power-up like his past incarnations, but in this case will take in the Hydrogen from the water vapor in the sky and convert it into Nuclear energy.  The sound of his power-up is electrical (similar to the sound used in Frankenstein's laboratory).

G is bent on destroying humans.  Even when you think he's "passed" you!!

But when it comes to humans, G will destroy them.  He shows no mercy.  In one scene a woman panics and screams constantly.  That gets G's attention as he turns around and looks down at "the noise".  You want to laugh at the scene, but a very strong reminder of the reality of the situation at hand is presented.  It is NOT a laughing matter and very true.  This is the G representation in this film.

Do not scream and make G look at you.  If you do, it is over!!

The monsters all look awesome.  Baragon is smaller and his roar was deliberately made different as to not interfere with G's prominent roar.  If you recall Baragon is the beast in "Frankenstein Conquers the World" (US Title) and his roar is very powerful.  This (according to one of the producers in a Kaijyuu magazine article in Japanese) would have made Godzilla less credible, so they worked on Baragon's roar. Baragon is really a cute monster and the SFX men made a GREAT comparison to the size of G, Baragon and the humans.  You really do see the size of the creatures in this film.  Mothra is one of my favourites. The beast has no representation from the Cosmos twins (and yet they have a small cameo in full human size), so you wonder the reality we are viewing! Mothra's roars are the same and looks more like a beautiful insect, flying with grace and in control against G, escaping an array of Nuclear breath attacks!! King Ghidora on the other hand first appears as Ghidora. It takes Mothra to grant Ghidora the power to become King Ghidora.

If you study the art of Buddhism, the writers, producers and director created an magnificent shot of what is called "Yin Yan" (this is the Chinese name) which was incorporated into the transmigration of the Buddhist religion as it spread from China through Korea and eventually to Japan. In many paintings we will see a Tiger on land (on the left) and a dragon in the sky (on the right). Usually there is water in between, but not in every case. However, there are paintings with different representations for the Tiger and Dragon in the forms of other animals (sometimes two swans, etc...) or objects. So I was truly fascinated in awe when G and King Ghidora made the Yin Yan shot for Buddhism. It was a true delight to see G's head turn to King Ghidora who was still transforming (from Ghidora) in the sky. And G attacks, having absolutely no chance at such a moment!!

Yin Yan in Buddhism may be represented in this shot---with G (tiger) looking up to the Dragon in the sky (on the right)

The battle continues underwater and G must face his weaknesses. I shall not tell you. This remains for you to see and find out!! At the moment, one has to travel to Japan to witness the movie in its theatrical presence to actual see the beauty, size and sounds of the creatures and the destruction (and sometimes savior) they create. It is an excellent film that once again brings back the G we all grew up with for one more go.

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And there is an official sequel to "GXMG: Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2003" and "GMMG: Godzilla Mothra MechaGodzilla - Tokyo S.O.S." called

Below are some pictures that remain from the original Data page. It includes the migration of the monsters.  The last picture is the back of the CD soundtrack for the film.

Above is a picture of the cover from the extremely popular quarterly magazine "Quarterly Magazine Uchusen", Autumn 2001, Volume 98. (right)
"Uchusen" is accepted to mean "UFO" (or "spaceship") in Japanese.  Note the promotion for the Korean film "Younggary" on the middle-lower left.

We now take you closer to Japan, per picture, to show you the trace of each monster's direction and confrontation:
Below is a long-shot of each monster's track.  Mothra is Letter E. (Kyuushu kara)

Here with King Ghidora is an image (small left map) of part of Kyuushuu Island where Mothra came.

In 2004, Godzilla will be at the 50th Anniversary of his career. We are expecting a Godzilla movie every year up until then.  **ENJOY THIS 2002 FILM** if you get a chance to see it.