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GMMG: Godzilla Mothra MechaGodzilla - Tokyo S.O.S. 2004
Motion Picture Review 12/19/2002!!                               SHADO CONTROL
Rating:  ***1/4 out of **** stars

The Fairies (daughters of The Peanuts' characters) represent Mothra in GMMG 2004!!

So long as Kiryu (MechaGodzilla) and Godzilla exist, the world, as we know it, will end in disaster!! That is the warning from The Fairies representing the 1961 Mothra returning from Mothra Island to stop Godzilla in "GMMG: Godzilla, Mothra, MechaGodzilla - Tokyo S.O.S. 2004". A direct sequel to the 2003 installment of GXMG and the 1961 Mothra movie. We are back from where we left off with Godzilla, still alive after a stalemate with an unpredictable Kiryu and an equally unpredictable Godzilla Defence Force. The history of this film now includes another movie, "Yog, Monster From Space" as the giant turtle from the film washes ashore, dead. It is believed that Godzilla killed the beast, however it is stated in the dialog that the scientist from "Yog..." could have given that monster a "better name", probably pun to the dream fight wish of Godzilla vs Gamera!

The giant turtle from "Yog: Monster From Space" washes ashore in GMMG, increasing the history timeline,
but no aliens were in GMMG, were there?

First Lt Officer Yashiro Akane (Shaku Yumiko 釈由美子), as expected, is not allowed to fight Godzilla and regrettably her absence forces us to adjust to the reality of the situation. However, honourably, she does have three surprise cameos. The first to be present at an announcement that she and two members of her crew will travel to The United States for military work. The second, my favourite scene in the film, to "pass the torch" to Kaneko Noboru's character, and third a quick flashback of her during the operation of Kiryu.

First Lt. Yashiro Akane (Shaku Yumiko 釈由美子) returns, briefly, to accept orders to go to The United States as she is not allowed to fight her nemesis, Godzilla.
Her real life commitment at the time was with the TV show and film "Sky High"--Oikinasai! KKXG's written content (which is king) in the "Godzilla version" starts from this point.

Yoshito Chujo (Kaneko Noboru) is the nephew of Dr. Shinichi Chujo portrayed by Koizumi Hiroshi who reprises the role 42 years later as a retired engineer visiting Mothra Island on research. It is Dr. Shinichi Chujo who passes the warning from a visit by The Fairies and Mothra herself that Kiryu, a human creation with the backbone of the 1954 Godzilla, and this current Godzilla must be destroyed. The warning is noticed by an elite Japanese governmental system of three men, reminiscent of The Cigarette Smoking Man's clan from The X-Files to hound Noboru's character of what to do concerning this eminent threat (NOTE: One of the men is in fact played by the well known and respected producer of this actual Godzilla film). Suddenly, Godzilla strikes the Americans, played by yet again the sorriest bunch of Caucasian actors ever assembled (can I do a better job? You're damn right I can!). In order to save Tokyo and its many lives, a young boy creates the 1961 Mothra symbol using school desks. Mothra quickly returns.

Mothra returns to attack Godzilla and uses its yellow spray!  Take notice that in "Godzilla vs The Thing"
(also a direct sequel to the 1961 Mothra), it is the final weapon it has before it dies.

Now the humans are faced with a dilemma. After the warning, they launch Kiryu anyway to attack G which results in a huge battle between the two. It is an impressive, original battle! Now with Mothra unable to fight, Mothra's egg conveniently hatches on Mothra Island, releasing twin larvae who swim to Tokyo to fight Godzilla. The fighting between Mothra and its larvae is nearly an exact choreography to 1964's "Godzilla vs the Thing", except Godzilla is more passive...he is not the G, whom when sealed up into a cocoon in 1964, was vicious and fought until his last breath to get out. This G didn't fight being cocooned although he was injured by Kiryu. Yoshito Chujo, inside Kiryu, tries to fix the machine only to get locked in. And the unpredictable Kiryu breaks free from its human algorithms, becoming a sentient being, picking up Godzilla to take him out into the ocean. In a scene reminiscent to "The Empire Strikes Back", JXSDF Lt. Azusa Kisaragi (Miho Yoshioka) rescues Chujo who escapes Kiryu, hanging on the outside tens of thousands of meters in the air (re: The Cloud City)! Had Kisaragi disobeyed orders to rescue Chujo, it would even had been better (as in Leah telling Lando off in the Millennium Falcon to rescue Luke Skywalker), but that was not the case. Kiryu dives into the sea and goes deeper and deeper and deeper with Godzilla locked in its grip, during the end credits. The film ends with the March 11, 1987 Godzilla DNA samples (which ironically was the same day I met a formerly well known, British female pop-singer) sealed up to never be used again. The horror of March 11, 1987 is finally over, forever. It's over.

The new female hero replacing Shaku Yumiko's Akane Yashiro character is Miho Yoshioka (right) as Azusa Kisaragi whom eventually rescues a young engineer, Yoshito Chujo played by Kaneko Noboru (left)!!

All in all, another great Godzilla film! But 3/4 of one star is removed from the film due to many questions by the use of adding additional, past films to the story line. For example, by adding Mothra 1961, leaves opened what "Godzilla vs The Thing" was all about....in fact, the fight scenes with Godzilla and the larvae were the same, including the biting of G's tail. There was not enough of The Fairies who made the claim they were the offspring of The Peanuts. Recall, that The Peanuts spoke and dictated what Mothra was doing at all times. In this film, when Mothra was fighting, the Fairies were not present to describe the action. Does anyone remember The Peanuts claiming the last weapon of Mothra, knowing it was to die and watching it fight until it died, protecting its egg? Mothra also did not possess the defence of the egg, which was the premise for attacking Godzilla in 1964. What about Mothra Island and its inhabitants? We never see them (probably too much in cost to make the film...so many actors to pay, props, sets, designs, costumes, etc.). And an obvious problem was the film did not have Shaku Yumiko's Akane Yashiro character and there was, in principle, not really any main character in the film...making the viewer wishing to find one, hence creating one's own individual choice on who it should be. The movie wants it to be Yoshito Chujo. I want it to be Azusa Kisaragi for rescuing Chujo, but it just wasn't there. So to conclude, it is chalked up as a win for the Mothra caterpillars, a loss for the Mothra Queen, and another draw for Godzilla and Kiryu. Even if G and Kiryu travel to the bottom of the sea, Godzilla is not dead. In fact, the sequel linking Yashiro and Kisargi has been written (see below)!

Next year is Godzilla's 50th Anniversary!

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And there is an official sequel to "GXMG: Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2003" and "GMMG: Godzilla Mothra MechaGodzilla - Tokyo S.O.S." called
KKXG: KING KONG VS GODZILLA. Click the link for more information!! Thank you!! ALAN COLOSI.

Below are pictures and items of Godzilla merchandise, promotional materials and advertisements for GMMG 2004!!

Promotional poster for GMMG 2004 (left) at Tokyo Tower and the cover of the panplet for GMMG 2004 at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Nov 3rd 2004!!

"This is Kiryu" as proposed at a press conference (promo photo I didn't use in my movie review listed above).

Fantastic CD-ROM program released at Japanese movie theatres ONLY!

Cover of Preview DVD released only in Japan!!

Cardboard item that is sold with the special belt for cell-phones! :-)
I have GMK, GXMG and GMMG on my cellphone!
Now only if Kylie will set up a meeting in Japan.

Some fantastic cinematography provided by TOHO (above)

And Mothra at the time of its warning (in the same angle as G 64)